Lucas Guinot


Especially that which enables freedom.

Enchanter of sounds.

I risk the depth of time in space.

I learn by teaching.

In the context of crushing globality, uniformity (even of the avant-garde) and the pursuit of success. The great metropolis of the first world, offering the panacea, the technological and fictional gold of ethernity, decriminalizing the wild theft of the only thing that we have: being. They appear little by little, lights, small but unique, pure. INK Experiment Duo, is one of those necessary identities that exists with life of its own, walking in the dark with the tranquillity of who knows where it goes.
I am happy to meet them, to walk with them part of the way, knowing that we live and go to the same place.


Teodora Stepancic

Pianist , Composer

There are many aspects of my piece that are left open to the performers and I enjoyed imagining Ivana and Nikola working on it. Our collaboration was long distance, exchanging messages. I tried to explain my ideas, they tried to explain the results they were coming up with. It was about building trust and understanding; about letting go of the precisely measured details; about giving performers the freedom of interpreting already wide set of instructions, asking them to find their own sound and ways of communication between each other and come up with ideas. Ivana and Nikola were active, open and willing take that experiment with me.


Ksenija Komljenovic

Percussionist, Composer

Being asked to write for I.N.K. Experiment Duo has been a surreal experience for me. I was first introduced to Ivana’s and Nikola’s work as a teenager, and my first relationship was but a reverential one with the mere idea of the two of them. Over the course of a decade, I have had the fortune to meet them and learn about the many layers of their musical personas.

What I truly love about them is that they are true representatives of their intermingled cultures – their magnetic personalities are unafraid to be anywhere between extremely powerful and highly vulnerable on stage.

My hope is that my writing adds a little bit of Balkan-inspired spice to their diverse performing menu!


Gordon Stout


I have known Ivana Kuljeric Bilic for many years. We have had the opportunity to perform together, teach together, and become stead fast friends. Our association is now expanding to include The I.N.K. Experiment with Ivana and her partner, Nikola Krbanyevitch. I have written two compositions expressly for The I.N.K., and very much look forward to these and further collaborations in the future. They are a very exciting duo in the percussion world, and I hope all of you get to know them better very soon." Gordon Stout




in progress.....


Guillaume Hodeau

Bandoneonist, Accordeonist

I am very happy to explore with Ivana and Nikola the different colours and rhythms of the traditional music from Argentina and the Balkans with reinterpretations full of virtuosity and imagination. 

What a joy to live this experience with artists full of creativity!


Jean Luc


Random percussionist

hit everywhere except on people

Pedagogical farmer

he likes to learn by watching others work

Variable geometry arranger

he likes rounding angles

Crazy Project Designer

he's called Mixer because he mixes everything

Compulsive beekeeper

who makes his honey of all music

A few days ago, I received a message asking me to write a little text about my collaborations with the I.N.K. Experiment Duo ... Waow !

How many words/notes came out of my pen since my first meeting with Ivana Kuljeric Bilic & Nikola Krbanjevitch ... An experience of rare intensity with the first impression: it's like we've known each other forever ...

To recount this meeting is like drawing with Chinese ink smiles, enthusiasms, jubilations, it's like writing a music and seeing it grow, embodied by these exceptional musicians in a relationship based on respect and friendship.

This experimental ink, whose name they have adopted, reflects the essence of what they are : discoverers of good music, researchers of crazy ideas, risk-taking, safe gestures, ambitions and beauties ... Complete artists in every sense of the word whose shared friendship energizes me regularly, to the rhythm of our meetings.

Finally, the experience is such that the ink is  still there ! Just inked the deal ...


Mathieu Teissonnière


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, some sonic adventurers were fighting against the large enemy called « normality ». Outnumbered and surrounded with forces like the death of Jean-Philippe Smet, they had no other options than clashing louder. Then, the obscur sounds of their screeches, dins and crashes transmited through time and space until someone would capture it. And you know what ? Some people did …