The search for a musical world that lays on the edges of sound. What happens when the acoustic meets the electronic? Through their quest for the in between, the musicians are exploring the borderline that doesn´t confine but gives freedom to creation. The visual aspect, so imminent to the percussion performance gives a special musical meaning to the space that surrounds us.

Works by Kuljerić, Riley, Yariv, Stepančić, Cage, Mertens

With Mathieu Teissonnière (FRA) & Miodrag Gladovic (CRO)

Bass guitar, electroacoustics

WATCHERS of The Skies


The 60ties have seen the birth of a new and energetic musical genre. In the 70ties, this newborn raises the volumes and manifests itself in all its glory. The maturity of rock boosts an era with many new rythmically driven styles like disco and funk. This project is inspired by the unconventional persona of Frank Zappa who´s ecclectic approach defied the mainstreams of rock, jazz and classical music. This project is always done in collaboration with percussion friends around the world.


Arrangements for percussion ensemble by Jean-Luc Rimey-Meille & I.N.K. of works by F. Zappa, Genesis, W.Murphy, Rammstein, King Crimson, Yes, Gong, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, P. Metheney, I.Malouff, ...



Founded in 2016, this trio defies classification, creating music that explores the „dangerous“ and explosive liaison between the balkan music and tango nuevo.

The audience is taken on a journey of contrasting sounds of bandoneon and percussion, with rhythmes and colours so different in their form and yet so passionate and sincere in their expression.

Works by Kalajić, Piazzola, Guinot, Ravel-Chapuis & Trupin

With Guillaume Hodeau (FRA) 




Miodrag Gladović, Réso-Nance,

I.N.K. Experiment duo

It is a story about the humans and the machines....  chasing their dreams and  listening to the sounds of the city .

This modern  epic tells the story about the Heroes, the Gods and the Army of Bugs and the challange  of  Water, metal and  Stones.
From Fury to Sleep and back, the sound is searching its source, caught in the final Transformers´ dance, together with the City and  its  invaders.

Arabesque pour des Ombres ImMobiles