Pop Concerto for trumpet and orchestra (piano reduction) / Igor Kuljeric

His Pop Concerto for trumpet and orchestra was composed in 1999 and dedicated to Petar Obradovic, who gave a premier performance of the piece with the Symphony Orchestra of the Croatian Radio and Television under the baton of Kuljeric himself on 27 February 2003 at the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall in Zagreb.

The work consists of three different and divergent movements. The first move- ment displays agile and energetic motion lapsing into the repetition of simple and short motifs wich generate minor changes of intervals continuosly. The second movement draws on a major solo cantilena which gets melodic feed- back from the orchestra. The third movement is marked by the trumpet part which is then joined by three swift pas- sages on the clarinet. The movement is marked by a rapid succession of sequences, a kind of a jam-session bursting with short and sparkling, seemingly improvised tonal sketches.


Level : Advanced

audio excerpts: Petar Obradovic, CD Pop koncert, 2006

video link : Luka Buljan, 2017

Pop Concerto for trumpet and orchestra (piano reduction) / Igor Kuljeric

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    3 movements : I Con Moto, II Sostenuto, III Allegro

    2O minutes